Hutter Performance opened in 2003 to meet the growing demand for quality street and race performance. Located on 8 acres in Chardon, Ohio, HPC has the facilities and knowledgeable staff necessary to make all your fast-paced, power-driven desires a reality. From late model domestic manufacturers (GM, Ford, and Dodge) to classic roadsters, we can tune, modify, fabricate, and/or build your ideal driving machine.

The Hutter name has a rich racing history beginning with Ron Hutter and extending to his sons. Trevor began building motors with his father at Hutter Racing Engines during their 1998-99 championship years. Trevor continued to grow/enhance his skills as he piloted for J7J Racing, consulted, and became an innovator, as well as a talented and much sought-after dyno technician. Matt made a name for himself as a driver in the All-Pro, ARCA, and Busch series and later became a pit crew member for several teams, with his longest stint at Phoenix Racing before heading back north to work in the family business. Matt specializes in custom fabrication and has receive multiple accolades for his remarkable welding techniques.

Hutter Performance has amassed a team that provides a personalized sales approach for every project, taking the time to listen and understand the goals unique to each individual and his/her vehicle. Our experienced staff will assist in the proper package, parts, and enhancement selections. HPC’s trained technicians fabricate, install and meticulously execute every component to ensure power, performance, and the ultimate driving experience.

Meet the Team

Trevor Hutter

R&D / Tuning

Matt Hutter


Dusty Hall

Sales & Installation

Rich Bertleff


Rik Wareham