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PCS Electronic Transmission Controller

PCS Electronic Transmission Controller

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Today's electronically-controlled overdrive transmissions can offer excellent fuel economy and performance, but factory transmission controllers often fall short of the mark when it comes to street/strip or retro-fit use, let alone all-out racing applications. The revolutionary Transmission Controller by PCS overcomes the shortcomings of performance-compromised OEM electronic transmission controllers and elevates electronically controlled automatic transmissions to a higher standard of performance and tunability. Engineered to work with nearly any electronically controlled automatic transmission, the PCS Transmission Controller is fully-programmable and can be run either as a standalone unit – even with a non-computer controlled engine – or in conjunction with either OEM or aftermarket ECUs, such as the FAST(tm) XFI(tm) Fuel Injection System and carbureted applications. The PCS Transmission Controller will work with most GM, Ford, and Chrysler electronically-controlled automatic transmissions and includes a wide array of tuning options including load, gear, rpm and speed-based programming – all of which can be adjusted via a simple serial port interface with any Windows-based PC or laptop. Its ability to communicate with any ECU that supports CAN 2.0b devices means that the PCS Transmission Controller uses a simpler, easier-to-install wiring harness than most other aftermarket transmission controllers. The PCS Transmission Controller includes easy-to-use software, which allows simple plug and play transmission operation via several built-in programs, as well as custom tuning and programming, data logging and fault diagnosis. Compatible with almost all popular GM, Ford and Chrysler electronic automatic transmissions Fully programmable through easy-to-use T-Com(tm) software Real-time switchable dual calibrations Has the ability to communicate with RS-232 and J1939 protocol ECUs & compatible CAN 2.0b devices Electronic control over shift points, shift firmness, torque converter clutch (TCC) lockup in all gears and shift speed Fully programmable based on gear, load, speed and rpm Multiple shift modes & button shift capability Powerful data logging and self diagnostics Standalone or interface with XFI(tm) or EZ-EFI(tm) Durable, weather-resistant housing