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Hutter Performance LS6/LS2 CNC Cylinder Head Upgrade

Hutter Performance LS6/LS2 CNC Cylinder Head Upgrade

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Hutter Performance is proud to offer our custom designed LS6/LS2 cylinder heads. Our heads are fully CNC machined with our custom valve job and blending. The heads offer substantial gains over stock cylinder heads and other comparable cylinder heads. This item is for the purchase of the UPGRADE ONLY. Ship your cylinder heads to us and we will examine them. If the condition of the cylinder heads is approved, the heads will be upgraded. If not, you will have the option of continuing with the purchase of new cylinder heads or having the heads returned to you. NOTE: YOU WILL PAY SHIPPING AND A 65.00 FEE FOR RETURNED HEADS SO BE SURE TO KNOW THE HISTORY OF YOUR HEADS BEFORE SENDING THEM IN FOR UPGRADE. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK. THIS UPGRADE IS FOR A BARE CYLINDER HEAD. IF DIS-ASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED ADD 130.00